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Here are a variety of quotes you can use to say thank you and share your appreciation in a handwritten thank you card, a letter, or an email message. Use these thank you quotes as a starting point, then edit and expand on the quote so it fits your personal circumstances and the reason you are writing. Jun 26, 2017 · Your leadership and words of encouragement mean a lot to me. I’m very grateful for the opportunities you have given me. Thank you once again for all your time and effort! I wish to say Thank you for tolerating my mistakes. This helped me to give my best to the company. You know very clearly how to bring best out of your employees.
Dear Participant, I greatly appreciate your valuable time and efforts that you will spend in filling out this questionnaire. This survey is mainly focusing on the movies and soap operas that are

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the countless demands on your time, I am sure that you require people who can be trusted to carry out their responsibilities with minimal supervision. I look forward, Mr. Weatherby, to hearing from you concerning your hiring decision. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, John Oakley A Thank You Letter that Stresses Fit
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This list of 50 best thank you for your hard work and dedication quotes that show your appreciation. ----- It's an honor for our organization….To have someone like you. With your hard work you have taken us to the top. ----- No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out!
Using a handwritten thank you note to express your gratitude is one of the most personal ways to show your appreciation. The time and effort you put into creating your sentiment will only be more apparent with the addition of a short thank you quote. Allow your card to say more than, “Thank you.” Some good responses are: "Thanks/ thank you anyways/anyway" "I appreciated that" "Thank you for your time/effort" "That was greatly appreciated" Basically anything that shows your gratitude for them spending time and effort is acceptable.

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I gave substituting a shot, and I believe I have found my life path. Thank you for your efforts. Jason . To Karl, Janice, Anthony and Michelle: I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time and effort you put into our recruiting efforts at your offices. I would have to say that the statement ,"thank you for your effort" or "thank you for your help/ support" would be solely be dependent on your own discretion of whether or not the task at hand was completed to the point of satisfactory level.
"Thank you for taking the time and effort in writing this letter." This would be more suitable if the initial letter was very long, and may have given you the impression that the writer took a great deal of effort to write it. "Thank you for dedicating your time and energy into this." Although not wrong, this sounds a little too dramatic. Jul 05, 2017 · Thank you for your dedication and hard work because of which we are today the top company. Thank you my loyal employees for your hard work in completing the dotcom project in such a quick time period. I am really grateful for your team work efforts and am really fortunate to have such good employees as you all. The organization feels proud to ... Thank you for responding to our Request for Proposal (RFP) regarding a new accounting package for Doe's central office. We appreciate the time that went into your impressive proposal of April 5. Thank you for submitting specifications and a price estimate for recarpeting Doe's Department Store. Thank you for presenting your proposed design for ...